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Memories We Don'T Have

The way you look
Oh baby
The way you talk
Oh buddy
The way you smile
Oh honey
The way you love me
drives me crazy

Simply, i can't get enough
I cant stop desirin' your love
Images of you in my dreams
I hope you feel the same for me

I love your touch, your kiss, you're smile
Your eyes, your lips, your language, your style
We never talk enough, i miss you
But i know you love me, and I love you

I find myself searching for you again
My lover and my best friend
Just know, Darlin, you hold my heart
But first, find me, and tell me who you are

Memories we dont have cloud my head
My love, I haven't found you yet
I think of you when i look at the stars
I wish I could find out who you are.

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Comments (2)

Wicked write Gabriella. I love that' oh buddy' too cute. But a great idea and a good point. ~Amber~
Aaaaw mamina i love the words you use... especially in this one