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Memory you're always here tapping at my window
things of the past whether good or bad
you're always there to make me know
I'm not alone, whether a t-shirt or a smile
or a song I hear every once in a while

A smell that makes me cry,
or a taste that elicits a lie
I can never forget you sweet memory
Often times I wish you'd disappear
even though we've had some good times together
These scars i fear may last forever

Scars that have cut deep into my soul
wounds that can't be fixed by loud rock n roll
blemishes that will never be forgotten
sins that make me feel quite rotten

Memory, let the bad leave me
let only the good stay near to me

the things that make me laugh keep
the things that make me cry kill
especially ones which cut so deep
Most of all remind me to stand still

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Oh those tangible scents that linger...and somehow. time does erase the negative and makes the very best stand out. Good write warmly, adrienne