There were nine months for the conception, and many events to remember,
There were many hours for the pain of childbirth, sometimes short and sometimes long, but always different for each woman's endurance and each baby's arrival,
The one and ultimate expectation of a newborn, the emotions of joy, jubilation and celebration of new birth,
The new addition to a family, to a community, to a society, another homo sapien delivered,
The day and date to be kept in several diaries, a date to be registered with the authorities,

The day that the clock starts ticking on a biography, the events and stories that make history of you,
The day "old" becomes part of a question and answer; how "old" is the baby? one day "old",
The day never to be forgotten by several generations that would become part of the pedigree,
The beginning of a history for many, history for self, history for the family, history for the community,
The sex of the baby, the race, the culture, all play role in what happens in the life of the baby on this date,

The sex of the baby determines if there would be circumcision on not, what a baptism of trauma in the early stage of life,
The environment plays a role in what becomes of this day, the day when blood and warm amniotic fluid bathe the naked body, with cry of hi! , hi! ! , hi! ! ! ,
The day when motherhood and fatherhood become new titles for two individuals, the day of new memories,
The day that repeats itself cyclically and to be celebrated, the day that is unique for each person,
The day that is one of three hundred and sixty five or three hundred and sixty six, the date to share with others worldwide,
Birthday is your day to remember and celebrate, be thankful as one of the lucky few, it is your day and yours only.


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