Poem By Amy Fifita

Metal glistened,
I found hope,
In a blade,
That helped me cope.
Memories flooded,
So I cut away,
Weak and useless,
I struggle through each day.
The blade took my hope,
It took my life,
It should have taken away pain,
But it brought more stife.
Now I sit with scars
On my skin,
All because,
I let darkness in.
Blinded in myself,
I can't find me,
All that's left,
Is a painful memory.

Comments about Memory

Amy you are the best young poet I've read on this site, and this poem is your best that I've found. It's a little scary that you hover around the theme of suicide because your talent will be wasted if we don't get to see it mature and flourish. Also, most of your postings center around the idea of finding one's self. I'd like to see you set that idea aside and pick a totally obscure topic. Sometimes we find our true nature when we distance our personal lives from our art. Please send me a message when you post something new.

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