JW (9/28/93 / Guyana)


I remember, ..
Your chocalate embrace
The sexiness of your structured face
The taste of your lips
The way u nibbled my ears and held my hips
The twang u had when you spoke
The voice you had when you sung, that left me shook
The scent i smelled when i braided your hair
The pain that covered your eyes, wen i refused to speak to you, revaled your factual care
Your stupidity, to befriend a gang
A gun shot struck your head, BANG!
That's how you left me
Now all i have is your limited, but clear memory
God, may he continue his future in your home?
His future in mines, has faded
For his life here was dated
May his creative mind, steadily roam?
Guess not
When you died so did a dream
you being gone, has left me heart with a unfilled dot
Now all left of you is a memory

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