Must I?

I’m not the person that you knew
I’ve changed, and for the better too
But you won’t give me the time of day
And listen to what I have to say

“I loved you, and you just don’t care
That now you’re gone you think it’s fair,
To treat me like a piece of dirt
Not caring just how much it hurt.

'Your words you speak, are just so few.
Please respond, if you only knew
The pain inside that I withstand
Of knowing that you were once my man.

'A man who acted like a boy
Who took advantage, like I was his toy
It hurts to know a piece of me
Is there with you, so free to see

'There is so much that I must sort
Begging to you is last resort
Apparently that must be done
If my battle is to be won

'I can’t take it! I can’t take it!
I’d rather be punched and hit
Than to wallow in this pain
It’s something I’d rather refrain

'I pray, and sometimes I’m at peace
But please, I do have dignity
Let me have just what I need
This is no time for selfish greed

'Give the girl who stood up for you,
The one who knew just what to do,
Who let you be who you needed to,
Some closure...'

by Elizabeth Muller

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