Memory, A Reflection

Poem By Daryl lyraD

Give me a moment, a second
to gather my thoughts.
A minute fraction of my mind,
yearning, wanting, remembering

those intense feelings once shared between us and
oh how long ago those times were,
how long they seemed,
when in actuality, those snippets were rather short and blur

How often we used to sit through nights,
gazing, wondering pondering
into the night and future,
whatever held before us and
how we should treasure now and always.

We said forever and ever,
but our actions begged to differ.
If i could retrace those steps,
back to when I said those
hurtful, piercing, harsh words,
I'll take it back, take them all back.

I'm sorry and how
I wished what happened after was fantasy, a dream.
This intangible feeling of guilt and sadness is overwhelming.
One thing I'll ask of you,

Let me keep either my sanity or you.

Comments about Memory, A Reflection

'let me keep my sanity or you' i love that line.. great poem, written with passion. sky
I really like this write, it proves that no matter how diverse we are as humans, we still need the basics in life, companionship and compassion. An excellent piece.
i love your choice of words

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