Memory Lane

As i walk down the memory lane
I decided to weed out the dead traces of sourness
and to replace it with new seeds which could blossom up
with some cherished sweetness...

But where ever I buried the dead leaves they
soiled up in some or the other part of my heart
nurturing the new ones...

I was amazed to witness how strange yet continuous life Is! ! ! !

Realizing this, I took a turn and decided to
Travel the memory lane again...

As I turned.......I was happy to see, How beautiful my past have been...
I found myself walking down the garden of my heart where
the flowers of happy times are still blooming and smiling...
and the pastures of the time gone by are still fresh, lively and green...

There I saw some kids playing on the ground
they were running round and round
screaming, shouting and laughing their hearts out...
chasing, following and then falling down
not bothering who is around....
I took few steps forward, when sudden something caught my eye
I looked closely just to realize.......
Oh! Is it me at the age five! ! !

I felt a deep urge to play again, without thinking i stepped out of my shoes, I threw them away, I was chasing my own self
when i entered a new world which was hall of concrete, the room was full of people but not a single one i could see
the room was dark though the stage in front was brimming with light
I walked down to the stage, just to find myself sitting in the corner
lost in the world of dreams yet scared and sad...
I urged myself to walk out but the stubborn me remained there....

Leaving myself I came out of the hall and took a sigh of relief..
I was wondering what made me sad...
Suddenly a cool fresh breeze swiped me off my feets
It tickled my senses and carried me to the rushing gushing slide
with a crunch of excitement i felled in a water pool..
Ooooo, the water was cold but the warmth of the morning sun was just right
I saw everyone playing there
Remembering how I learned to swim and how I reached out to the crowd
How the unknown faces soon became well acquainted and the world was full of joy.....woohoo, was a scream from my heart
as I saw myself playing and dancing on the music and singing the chorus along the crowd
Oh suddenly the day light dimmed, everyone moved their way out and the warmth of sun was fading away and I was shivering in the dark....
It must have been difficult to float to the corner...

The next thing I saw made me laugh but watch that patch with proud
I was sitting there gazing up at the stars with a twinkle in my eye and a wish to reach up to the sky..

Silence and solitude ruled the hour,
It was dark and cold yet it marked the beginning of the new start..

In the midst of night I saw myself walking again
I followed my own self and entered a doom
How welcoming and promising the new world looked
I was welcomed to the world which seemed bright and was provided an attaire to suit the style...
It was a workshop where I could experiment and work effectively to pay all rents...
I saw people kneading the dough and making cakes
some failed miserably but some could bake...
few came my way giving some suggestions and some were completely fake
I watched them carefully and then i kneaded the dough
I saw myself climbing the steps but then found myself completely lost
The world which seemed so polished is actually raw
Though I am still there but then I thought of seeing if the world outside the doom also exists..

I tried finding the way out but I find myself lost in the crowd...

Now I sit and wonder how the garden of my life became a doom
My world was full of colours and now I am in a plain room

I decided to close the book of past and to write the new chapters again..

I feel some knock at my heart and smile again

I am amazed to witness how strange yet continuous life Is! ! !

by Arohi Agarwal

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