Memory Lane

Poem By Raymond Isaacs

Yeah I saw her again
And it all came back.
The meetings, our talks,
Even the little arguments we had.
Her hugs, her kisses,
And the stupid things I said.
I miss the sound of her voice
And the silky touch of her skin.
The smell of her hair
As it blew in the wind.
I thought I was over her
But I guess I was wrong.
I miss her now more than ever.
Why did I ever let her go?
Now she probably will never know.
Flashbacks constantly remind me
Of just how much I lost.
She was more than just a girl
That brought me love and pain.
I wish I could go back and change it all,
But I'm trapped travelling memory lane...

Comments about Memory Lane

Memory lane is often a lonely street to travel. Nicely done, Raymond
Oh Inspiring....!

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