Memory Of My Village

Memory of village life
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Long years ago the earth
Was green with pure shoot and pious Sun.
The soil was unmixed with morning nectar,
The air blew loaded with fragrance from furtive
Blooms that swayed in devious aloofness.
The old familiar faces in arduous cottages,
The smoke that fought with morning mist,
The cry though silent of empty stomach,
And the night that desired not to end in
Cold wintry night,
I was born in dark, soggy Slough.
The soft, winsome sun, that warmed the earth
did look curious and ingenious to revive the hearts.
Prayer followed the stillness of the morn
And dissolved in day's strenuous toil.
Indolent soil with vertiginous gloom
People lived with woozy pleasance.
The earth full of fluty, cacophonous
Concurrence of the birds and beasts
Was a heaven.
With time all is gone - the men that enticed
The life and existence with unoffending
Pride did sail to other shore.
Bare field and arid dust with populous
Countrymen with nimble wit live with
Seething eyes.

by Prabir Gayen

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Once our Earth was beautiful and fresh in its pristine glory! But with overpopulation, the reckless exploitation of natural resources and escalating pollution, earth has lost all its beauty. Now we see an arid stretch of land devoid of fertility and green verdure! Time has stolen many things away! A poem almost like a lament!