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Memory Of The Robins Nest

Mental pictures of things of Nature through life one recall
I once found a bird's nest in ivy growing on stone wall
The nest of a robin and his faithful wife
A memory to carry and to cherish for life.

A cup shaped nest of moss, stalks and leaves and lined with animal hair
A thing of great beauty built with painstaking care
I counted five tiny white eggs covered in spots of red
The nest owners chirped on a branch o'er my head.

On a branch on the ash tree by the stone wall through the days of the Spring
With his red breast puffed up the male robin did sing
A warning to other male robins in his song
This acre is mine and to me it belong.

Within a few weeks there were babes in the nest
And all day the busy parents they knew little rest
Bringing morsels to the nest hungry nestlings for to feed
And I often heard them cheeping as for food they did plead.

Many years have passed by but the memory remain
And in fancy I can see the robins again
Bringing food to their young in ivy growing on stone wall
A pleasant memory to carry through life and recall.

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