Memory Of You

You are but a memory to my dear heart

that dwindles as each day passes me by.

My heart yearns for you, but you're not there,

only your memory is, and that hurts even more.

The tears are all too real and they follow the pain

my heart feels when it misses you so.

Memory upon memory floods the gates

and soon I begin to drown in them.

Each better than the last but all so sweet and real.

The memory is real but its fading too fast

its uncontrolable, and its evaporating

like dew drops in the sun.

I try to gather them up quickly, place them in a jar, but

the time is quicker than I, and it speeds up the sun's steal.

O I wish you could be here and not just your memory

because you are by far better than the thought of the past.

As each sunset brings forth a new day,

I think about the memory, and the pain it brings

is too immense but the tears are even bigger.

You are but a memory that is quickly fading

and only you can fix that my dear.

Though my heart hurts so much from the pain

only you can save me.

Like each sunset brings forth a new time,

this sunset will bring you to me.

And love back into the mourning heart

by Jacqueline Dougherty

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