The men knew all the answers,
when I was very young,
I could listen to them talk,
but, I was told to hold my tongue.

Their hands were very gifted,
they made what they would need,
they worked for little gain,
just to feed their families.

They seemed to know so little,
of what they were about,
but, they still knew the answers,
... and if they didn't,
... you could rest assured,
that they would work it out.

They were rolling models,
of what I was to be,
every boy's a man in training,
for responsibility.

Now, I do those things,
and now I speak out loud,
for now I am a man,
... it took longer than I wanted,
but, yes, I'm very proud.

by Barry Van Allen

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Applause! ! ! Bravo! You are indeed...and a fine one at that! ! Hugs, Dee