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Men And Apples
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Men And Apples

Poem By Jessica Holt

Choosing a man is like
Choosing apples in the market
At first they look so much alike
But with a closer look you begin to see

Some are shiny and hard
Others are softer and dull,
Fatter or thinner even scarred
Some are bruised or even spotty

Different colors represent
Green, Red, Yellow even combos
Some have that fresh good scent
Others smell well that funny apple smell

With apple experience we learn
Hard apples can be unripe
Softer apples can turn mushy
And we all have a type

(I love golden delicious)

Just because it looks good on the outside
And seems like a nice apple
Doesn’t mean its not rotten inside,
We all bite into a rotten one sometimes.

Even though there are some imperfections
Doesn’t mean it’s not delicious to eat
There always seems to be wide selections
So don’t limit yourself to the first one you pick up

You don’t really know until you bite in
So don’t just sit there and stare!
Give it a squeeze that’s how you begin
Good luck at the market.

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Comments (6)

Just been waxed, myself. Stay fresh for eons.
now this is a brilliant comparison Jessica! never thought of them as apples before! HBH
never forget the bruised apple crushed and worn somehow smelling of compassion
fantastic metaphor, love this (think I'm a Russett myself)
What a unique compariosn and charmingly put across! I'm a Braeburn man myself.