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Men Are Bad News
EA (26\5\1988 / cairo)

Men Are Bad News

Poem By Eman Awad

Are you in love these days,
and who isn't in love my dear?
It's that promise till always,
then misery and eternal fear.
Don't talk about men,
men are useless, men are bad news.
Who didn't let them in,
then hated being in her own shoes?
I never lasted more than a year,
love to me is nothing but the love of my self.
I can't live, wishing some one was here,
some one who cheat on me, then seek my help.
Men are all the same,
they run after you then they run from you.
And who's to blame,
you look around then you start to blame you.
I know that we love once, just to,
lose the faith in life if we ever got broken.
Just to fall all over and go through,
the same story just to lose life it self,
then we ask our questions and no words are spoken..
What's more to your heart than abuse,
how can your heart survive afterwards?
Believe me, men are bad news,
and the only way out is down wards...
Make sure you're loved back, my friend,
make sure you're loved truely and smell lies.
Make sure it's you who decides the end,
never fall deeply into him or into his eyes.
Always know, you're much better than to be hurt,
open up your eyes widely and seek the clues.
Don't believe that love is just a word,
be aware of men, men are bad news...

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great poem! ! ! ! ! ! ! good job! ! ! ! ! !