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Men Are Cruel To All Living Things

Men are cruel to all living things such as poultry, dogs, sheep and cattle
And men do shoot to kill at their own kind for to prove themselves in battle
And though i should not be the one to talk since i am a meat eater
I do not own a fire-arm or i am not a wife beater.

The wealthiest fellow of the town seen as a high achiever
His ex wife paints him in a different light though few willing to believe her
She claims he often bashed her and than him there is none crueler
That he was not her husband just her autocratic ruler.

But many dismiss her story as sour grapes and on his behalf are quite defensive
They see him as a successful gentleman who could not be offensive
But there is no smoke without fire they say why do his ex wife hate him
Whilst those who have never lived with him verbally celebrate him?

Men are cruel to all living things in us all lurks the predator
And of domestic violence amongst the human kind the male mostly the instigator
The town's wealthiest man drives out with his young bride success makes life seem sweeter
And few do believe his ex wife when she says he used to beat her.

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