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Men Can Be So.....
LM (02/09/81 / Australia)

Men Can Be So.....

Poem By Liz Munro

Men can be so charming,
handsome looks,
on playing the game, they wrote the book,
their smile can be so disarming.

Men can be so sly,
sucking you in,
promising nice things,
easily off their tongue rolls, lie after lie.

Men can be so mean,
turning on you every fight,
staying out night after night,
with these men you shouldn't be seen.

Men can be all these things and more,
pulling the wool over your eyes,
but with my man i got a nice surprise,
he is none of the men above,
because in my house what i say's the law.


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Comments (3)

I like the last stanza. Brilliant piece
Even though I'm a man, I loved this poem. It has a bright, open honesty and more than a twinkle of playful humour. It reminds me of Wendy cope's poem 'Bloody Men' (http: //www.poemhunter.com/p/m/poem.asp? poet=6663&poem=30417) .
what's right is right and you seem to have found the right man funny how life turns out so wonderful after many falls a fine poem