(25th March 1943 / )

Men Can'T Say Please

Why is it that a man somehow, just cannot mention 'Please',
When asking for some help from me and you,
It really seems to me, that it is such an awful shame,
It tends to leave one feeling down and blue.

It's fetch me this, and, over there is what I want, Yes that! , .
But not one 'Please' is heard, it's not in sight,
And however much you give them hints, and however long you wait,
Their minds just stick, and never seem to bite.

It's like being in the army with the voice of the commander,
Shouting out his regular orders to his troops,
But when we tied the knot, I didn't join the army,
Oh! It really rankles, and give's one's heart the droops.

Sometimes one feels that all in all, one's just a useful soul,
Who's not really there, and invisible for sure,
We are so taken for granted, yet we answer every call,
I don't know why, we just don't, walk out the door! .

So a little 'Please' and 'Thank you' would go a long, long way,
'Manners make the man', my late dear Father said,
But can we expect some miracle to happen over night?
Never! So I'll 'knock off' now and 'disappear' to bed!

© Ernestine Northover

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Comments (9)

Truly, this polite word brings a lot of difference in our manners.Loved reading it.
I feel I must defend the male species here Ernestine but I can't! Wonderful insight, well done. Love Andrew x
Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please....................................... Keep writing poetry for all of us to enjoy.Anyway 'Thankyou for all your wonderful work. I will be back to read some more soon.Love Duncan
I can do that! PLEASE...keep writing those lovely poems. Nickoli
I'de get rid of him Ernistine1 (laffin') . However I like this, it has good structure and the theme (a complaint) is set up very well. As a piece on an aspect of human nature - rarely looked upon by poets - it has great originality. The odd thing is that it is not a universal 'truth' and so on one level this comes across as personal egxasperation whilst on another it highlight the importance, within meaning, of words,
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