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Men Have Not Learned

Men have not learned from war history war today is waged Worldwide
For God and Flag and Country far too many people have died
Far too many wars already waged in the twenty first century
A Human World that's free of conflict i may never live to see
Civilians are dying in war zones in shootings and bombings every day
That the innocents must suffer seem a sad thing for to say
They do not lead their troops in battle those who do declare the war
From the war zones they created they are living safe and far
To the winners and the losers war does come at a huge cost
How can there be a winner if so many human lives are lost
War gives rise to death and suffering and creates many a refugee
It does never lead to friendship and peace and harmony
Men do never seem to learn from wars in decades gone
The flower of peace will never bloom when old hatreds do live on.

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Sadly, It looks as if you are right. Perhaps this is why those civilizations that are significantly more advanced than U.S. have given up on U.S... iip