# Men Of Honour!

Fourteen years in forests he lived
For in honesty he believed;
And ‘Rama’ in hard turf thus forayed
His father’s words he had obeyed.

When with might he takes the aim
Puts the greatest archers to shame
His teacher showed a bird on tree
Nothing but its eye, ‘Arjuna’ would see.

Out in the lawns of his school
The sage had his pupils busy,
A tiger attacked, to ‘sala’ he called
And the tiger was stabbed brutally.

A Brahmin scholar of intensity
Faced the corrupt kings atrocity,
Undid his braid and he did swear,
'Chandragupta' rose, 'chanakya' tied his hair.

by Seema Aarella

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I f the workmanship is good, any mtal will do, the beauty heightend. Every Indian can enjoy the contents
I just wish rest of the world knows about these great men, not just Kannadigas and Indians