Men Or Women (The Difference)

Poem By Randy McClave

Women love live flowers, long baths, and perfume
Whereas men enjoy power tools, quick showers, and the bathroom,
A woman wants to sit down with a man with problems to discuss
Where a man just wants to always know; What is all the fuss!
After work a man wants to go home and disappear in his man cave
Where a woman is always locked away in the kitchen as its slave,
A woman wants to read or watch love stories just to make her cry
Where a man enjoys watching violent movies where people ultimately will die.
A woman wants to be taken away by love and then by romance
She wants to dress up and go out for a dinner, and then out to dance,
A man is always satisfied and happy just to stay home and watch a TV show
While relaxing in his boxers and chewing and spitting out his tobacco.
A woman enjoys going out shopping and buying herself brand new clothes
Where shopping and browsing for clothing, to it men always appose
When a man and woman wake up together their world seems so tense
A woman seems to never forget and a man’s forgetfulness is so immense.
In this whole world of male and female they are the greatest opposites
They are more suitable with each other than being each other’s hypocrites,
A man seems to always have more similarity with another man
And a woman usually seems as though she can only talk to another woman.
Is what really ties men and woman together is just lust and then sex
The nature of compatibility of genders to me seems so very complex,
But, in the end the genders put away their independencies and their druthers
They decide to live in a world as one, and they become our fathers and mothers.

Randy L. McClave

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With problems to discuss. Nice work.

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