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Men Pledge (2014)

Our relationship with God should tie with our relationship with others.

We are leaders.

As leaders, our faith shouldn't just strengthen us but another's around us.

We are kings.

The only way queens will be willing to protect us.

Our actions are showing unconditional love and not in our words.

We are listeners & doers.

A woman's opinion is important, so pride shouldn't take over souls.

We are providers.

We are secures in our family.

We are encouragers.

We are hard workers.

Our determination should be focus on serving others.

We are forgivers.

We are supporters.

We are God's masterpiece.

We are Men of God.

We should be obedient to doing God's Will.

Also, we should walk out the plans that God have for us.

Our light should shine over others' lives.

We are loyal.

Put your loyalty is with God first.

If being loyal to a group or club creates negative influence in your family or other social circumstance, it may not be worthwhile to continue that loyalty.

We are willing to make better choices.

No matter how hard a situation looks.

Always trust in God and keep the faith.

Without Him we are nothing.

Signature: Milton Styner Jr.

How many men are willing to make a true commitment?

If so, sign your name

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Thanks I truly appreciate your kind words
you have touched on many great points. a man must stand up for what he believes in. nice writing
........~ Without Him we are nothing. ~..... an impervious truth.....enjoyed this write...