Men's Rules

The Organized Church gathered to pass some new church policy today,
But why not just check to see what the Eternal Word of God might say?

They spout we will be a stronger organization, just you wait and see,
But it isn't man who makes you strong, but obeying God's Holy Decree.

But, as a body of men they go on saying we've voted like this before,
It is true, but usually major truths of God's Word have been ignored.

The Pharisees were admonished by Christ for such man made tradition,
I ask you friend; what is the difference with the church's situation?

It's present day Pharisaical doctrine this body molds and rearranges,
The True Foundation, The Lord Himself, The Word of God never changes.

If Jesus Christ the very Head of The Church, today remains the same,
How can a body of sinful men make change and still profess His Name?

For The Lord asked men why call me Lord, and do not the things I say.
Is this question at the root of all the trouble these men face today?

The Lord clearly said call no one else Father for He is up in Heaven,
But they call a man Father, say he's infallible and incapable of sin.

Isaiah warned in the end there'd be people, who follow men's rules,
And just like the Pharisees, The Lord will rebuke hypocritical fools.

So today is the day to get back to The Bible for Godly instruction,
For those who choose to distort God's Word, will come to destruction.

(Copyright © 07/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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