Men Strong? Hehe

Who has the baby?
I don't see no man
pushin and shovin'
as hard as he can

Who cuddles up
like a baby when sick?
But a dame takes a tablet
and gets better quick

I don't see no fella
in a sewing class
if he picked up a needle
he'd fall on his arse

And who gets a ticket
for drivin' drunk
Never a lady
she keeps booze in her trunk

And when problems need fixin'
where is your bloke?
down at the pub
with homer... No Joke! l

Toilet seat left up
when he has a pee
always too lazy to help make the tea

But when ya need a cuddle
or a smoothy or two
guess what ya fella is ready to do?

He ready and willin'
Ya man never says no
He's quicker than lightening
when you wish HE'D GO SLOW

by Janice M Pickett

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This is funny, as such a matter of fact. Forget the blond jokes and remember this poem.10+++