My Friends Poem 'Trust Me'

I am a person u can trust
with all ur secrets
ur depesy fears
ur hearts desire
trust me i wont give them away

I am a person u can trust
no matter the concicuences
I'll take the blame when its my fult
cause i can trust u can do the same

I am a person u can trust
with the secrets u cant tell
but u can tell me any day

I am a person u can trust
I'll catch u when u fall
I'll pick u up when u r down

U can trust
i wont tell a sole ur secret
not even a seed

U can trust
u'll always hav a friend to talk to
and I'l b the 3rd friend to the math teacher and mouse
By: Janina Gallo

by Jackie Thielman

Comments (1)

Hardy surely intended this poem (written at the outbreak of the First World War) to be ironic.The beliefs outlined in the penultimate verse ('victory crowns the just' and 'braggarts surely must'...) are Boy's Own stuff, constituting a misplaced faith in victory that is bound to lead to disillusionment.