Men With Mustache

I used to think when I was young
That men with mustache were weird
They twitch their lips like in Bewitch
Perhaps to stop an itch

I hope the males won’t take offense
If the focus of my poetry
Are the bristles on their upper lip
That used to be so scary

My fears began when I saw movies
Of cowboys in the Wild West
Guys with bushy mustache
Were always the antagonist

So it’s no wonder as time went by
When suitors vied for my attention
I would be charming to each guy
But all the mustached got rejection

It didn’t help when I discovered
That mustache need coiffeur
And to make it more elegant
It needs spray and hair color

As I matured to womanhood
I thought my fears were quite silly
For men could look attractive
With bristles like Sean Connery

Now of course I changed perception
Who knows what the future holds
I might love a man with mustache
If he got bristles like Burt Reynolds

by Jemarie Ragudo

Comments (4) interesting poem. I think your suspicions of moustaches might be well founded. Moustaches are sometimes worn by the control orientated fellas, and maybe a moustache is a way of hiding something...of course the HItler moustache is a complete control trip some Indians have those moustaches even today, very disciplined guys. Beards and moustache is different though -they come as a set lol They signify something else, usually quite emotional bearded gentleman. Anyway, just my wacky ideas lol.
I may not be Burt, but I have the Reynolds and also the 'tache! (Currently working on the beard, through idleness) . Great poem Jemarie. Danny
Funny but sound idea... I might as well grow mustache! If I can't look like Sean or Burt, I might be able to use it for charm to cheer my wife Miliza. I hope she will like it... or I could get a kick! Amazing poetry. Highest marks.
LOL Jemarie... I laughed at the images you conjured up for me... the wild west films and the big, ridiculous mustaches... Colonel Sanders (for Kentucky Fried Chicken) popped up, the Burger King guy (that was pretty scary!) ... and you called them ''bristles'' like a little girl would :) Funny, as annoying as it is to kiss, I can't imagine my husband without his goatee. I'd miss it too much; he'd look pretty weird. Hugs for a job well done! Lee