Fragments - Lines 1327 - 1334

My boy, as long as your cheeks and chin are smooth, I shall never
Cease to praise you, not even if I am fated to die.
For you, the giver, it is still honorable, and for me as lover it is not shameful
To ask. But I beseech you, in the name of my parents:
Show me respect, my boy, and grant me favor. If in time to come,
Craving in your turn the gift of the violet-crowned
Cyprian, you shall approach another, then may the gods
Grant that you meet with just such words as I hear now.

by Theognis

Comments (68)

This is so true and relevant to issues today. Lovely poem
Eishhhhhh! ! ! Beautifully crafted poem of pain.
beasts are walking haughty on the breast of nude tree bark is nothing for fist all are sweet in gist man or woman woe not; not foe lack of conscience just they grow and dance
The First squeeze is nice. A quick hug. Soft into your defenselessness. A little More....very nice comaparisons.. tony
I am learning about her in class
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