If Feelings Had A Choice

I stuck where he left.
A hopeless crush,
An endless conversation,
And an clueless goodbye.
Yes, he walked away, but I stuck.
Yes, he moved on but I didn't.
I wonder if feeling had a choice.
I wonder if I could reset my thought.
I wonder what was the exact moment when he decided to walk away?
He found his new world after promising me his world.
If feeling had a choice I would have moved on before him
If feeling had a choice I would have ignored him till the time he doubts on his own existence.
And one day someone tapped from behind and said "hello"
Eyes were never needed to recognise that hello, cause this was from the man who had me from his very first hello.
My heart popped out,
My eyes recreate all those old sensual moments,
My ear replays all the lovely song which we sung together on drive.
My soul spread arm to cherish his presence.
And eventually at that very moment I realized "No feelings never had a choice".

by Ruchi chaurasiya

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