SS (1994 / Ohio)

As We Are Family

It is not the colour of our skin
that makes the person,
but what lies deep within.
We all bleed red blood
no matter what colour we are,
our tears are always salty
whenever they stain our sorrowed brow.
We all breathe the same air,
so why do we discriminate
and caste aside one person from another.
No matter who we are
when we die and go to heaven.
God does not discriminate
from one person to another.
As far as he is concerned,
we are to him just one big family,
no one is different from the other.
Therefore, as we walk forward today
lets link hands and say,
come and join us as we are family.

16 May 2008

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sososososo goooooooooooood
So true my friend... Andy 10
Thumbs up! you know I agree, I've written on this particular subject as well. I like the fact that you say we are family, yes we are all sisters and brothers. God knows it but we humans have a difficult time believing it. We must continue to get the word out there and hopefully the non believers will finally get it. Melvina
A beautiful message, I'm all for it!
Yes, indeed David...and if only we could find a way to get more people to subscribe to your mantra of life & humankind...what a much finer & friendlier world this would be....Top Marks, all the way, on this poetic gem, my good friend! ~ FjR ~