Mending What Should Not Be Broken -Acd

Pains eternal slumber
is awoken
as I gaze upon her
her gentlness is broken
as I see what I have done
and hoped to do never more
but that promise was broken
this rainy night
I sit and watch
as a lover would
for the best to come
the calm after the storm
and before
as tears fall
and thoughts flood our surroundings
tearing us to shreds
until nothing is left
except our trust
our passion
our hopes and dreams
of what is to come
and what will remain
our lives unfold before us
as a book sheds its cover
tearing page by page
step by step
we walk
hand in hand
and look back at our broken path
but yet we still look forward
to that brick road ahead
as our hearts become one
and our thoughts become the same
thinking of God's amazing works
how the bad turn to good
and in our favor
by faith alone
happiness is found between us

Dedicated to Cortney Shaffer.

Hopefully the pain we have caused each other is lesser than that of how we love each other, I love you with all my heart and soul, and I would never mean anything to hurt you, especially not this. I hope that you can forgive me for giving you the scar of a lifetime and hope that in the future I can mend what I have broken tonight.

With all My love
Te Amo Mi Amor
Para Todo Mundo
Siempre y Siempre
Tu Amor
Andrew Degen

by Andrew Degen

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