Don’t Be Selfish.

You must love to be loved.
You must help to be helped.
You must rescue to be rescued.
These are tendencies inherited.
Don’t kill them in pursuit of money.
You are digging your own grave.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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1. IN ENGLISH Human Fate - by Ingeborg Bachmann enchanted castle in the sky in which we float through who knows how many skies already thus we go with screened eyes We. banned in time and thrown out of space we, airborn through the night and the bottomless
2. who knows. if we haven t flown past god already? and, for we blinked fast as an arrow without taking him in and kept spreading our seed to live on in ever darker generations float on guilty now? who knows, if we haven t been dying for a long time already? the ball of clouds with us, aspires to ascend further even now the thin air paralyses our hands already and when the voice breaks and our respiration stops enchantment remains for a last blink of the eye
tak faham? bu don? what's this? wakaranai?