(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Mental Instabilities

No one relates to this to debate.
Or seek to face it as it escalates.
An inability to admit...
How insecurities unable to erase.
Increases mental instabilities.
Of those wishing others,
To believe them to be great.
And superior over those,
Born with skin of color.
Who worship the truth to not delude.
Or accept race as a reason to hate.
Nor be reminded of this on a daily basis.
By the ones insisting,
Their sickness to spread...
Has blinded their minds.
And continues to decay,
A quality of life life they would prefer to see...
Less diversified.
To allow themselves seen more qualified,
As the ones chosen to ruin humanity.
Done to do...
Without it debated.
Or a religious faith to fake it to claim,
A belief in God.
With a persistence to insist,
Conflicts, division and hatred to permit...
Is what 'their' God wishes!

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