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Mental Prisoners Of Our Past

Years ago of religion i did set myself free
The teachers in school did beat god out of me
Even to this very day i struggle to understand
How so called religious church going people could have been so cruel in Ireland

In the school corporal punishment years in Ireland most teachers did not spare the rod
Which left many children to feel they must be of the lesser god
I happen to be one of many who was not spared of the cane
The physical welts have long healed but the mental welts did remain

Negative memories of the past seem so hard to forget
Our favorite hates then were every teacher and every teacher's pet
Though for our physical punishments the teachers pets not to blame
That they were spared of the rod to us seemed unfair just the same

The good and bad memories of the past now long gone
In all who lived through them today living on
My lack of self confidence mistook for humility
Is a legacy of the past that is living in me

Their experiences as a child lives in every woman and man
To the very end of their lifetime span
And self confidence once lost seems too hard to regain
How this happens to be is beyond me to explain

So many of us remain as mental prisoners of our past
And the clock on our lives ever keeps ticking fast
Years ago of the god in the sky i set myself free
For to nurture the god that is living in me.

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