Mental Trip

This is a trip especially arranged
Thru the mind of the mentally ill and deranged
The voices you hear are always there
Screaming and shouting sometimes they even swear

Tormented and tortured you try to escape
Every move or sound you make being caught on tape
Your mind in a state of constant confusion
Everything you see and hear is just and illusion

Suffering thru life it started at birth
Leaving you to feel you have little to no worth
Death would seem to be your only relief
When dealing with life and all its grief

You’ve tried several times to end the pain
Your attempts were futile and nothing was gained
Unstable and lost you are mentally unwired
Running wide open and constantly tired

The darkness inside takes over your mind
It’s your soul you’re searching for only never to find
With all hope gone you suddenly realize
Your life from this point on will be constantly scrutinized

Surrounded by padding and tucked far, far away
Locked up safely never again to see the light of day
So you sit and you wait for it all to end
As you rock back and forth talking to your unseen friend

Lost and confused as you sit silently and gaze
Wandering the paths in your mind of a mental maze
Losing your grip on life and all its reality
You become but one of life’s mental fatalities

Dignity lost you have been stripped of your pride
Thank you for coming on one of life’s little mental rides

by Poison 9901

Comments (2)

Hey Poison... enjoyed the ride... but hey - where have you been? ? Do you actually have a real life to contend with... hope so, Deana x
amazing piece - captivating imagery. ♥