Poem By Daniel Theodore Hyser

The society we live in , why is it so important to get ahead?
There' so much with God's love, perfectly and pure he led!
Questions and thoughts we fear and very few freely express,
Helping others with no reward will always and surely be best!

Our self-righteousness and self-centeredness creates so much disillusion,
Wouldn't the Bible, even with no faith, be human's fairest resolution.
How is it that we dare to judge someone feeling so low,
Do we care to feel other's pain or try to listen what they somehow know.

Mercy is a work that means ever so much more,
Suffering form illness and pain, death is sometimes to be a door.
You and me and time on earth changes as each death occurs,
Shouldn't we trust God's nature in place of human as heaven he does secure!

We can't do it by me, my, or even we or us, it's hopeless to even try,
God's Mercy, Love, and Blessing to us for others, still the ultimate buy!
Death is an appointment, no matter how lucky, will not be late,
Please, for each and every sake, trust God today and in Heaven, WE CELEBRATE

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Conformity Dream

How precious and magnificent each one is with originality and splendor,
Isn't it disheartening to feel entrapped today with
the latest sophisticated sensor?
The innocence of youth, the freedom of spirit,