HJ (7 22 62 / provo)

Mercy From The Lord

Lords mercy extends unto me
Protecting us from the wrath
Of our petty deeds

For unto me
I trust unto thee

Grasping happiness
And a little greif
Where is your confort
Will it be found

Will you be alone
Someone is always around

Will you be forgiven
For things in the wrong

Heaven and earth and bettween
Where are you going to find your means

After the fire
After the rain
Will your cleasing remain
Or will it linger for a while
Then dissapear
Returning you
To live out here

There is a vail
Over your heart
Letting us walk far apart
Trial and error to give us care
Life is ours to find out how much distance
Is out there

What ever you want he will give unto you.
What ever you need he will be unto you.
He will seek and find unto you

A pillow for your weary head and heart to rest
Another night slowly closes in
Will you have a dream
So real to life
That You feel your in.
Full of childish fears
Or of the deep
He will be with you

There is none greater
Than the creator

There is no greater gift
Than the soft touch of acceptance
From one who you have givin your soul to hold.

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Comments (7)

Moving and inspiring declaration of faith.
this is very beautiful, Howard and i can feel thats you had written it from your heart...and its nicely done.
A beautiful showing of faith thank you for sharing
No greater gift than the gift of acceptance.......NIcely done Howard! All the best, Diane
good poem, Howard. God is our everything in life and after death. He loves and cares for each one of us. He forgives our every fault, however big. We, human beings, need not have the least doubt in His promises. God is ever ready to show his love and mercy on us. He was born on christmas day just for that purpose. Why worry at all? A God-centered life on earth turns out to be simply great. love, Dr John Celes
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