- Mercy Killing

Walking home
My path crossed that of a pigeon

As it lay at me feet
Unable to move
Neck torn
Spine showing
Still breathing
Still singing
For one more chance at living

I felt pity
For it Its suffering
And decided to end it
Nothing deserved this
I took it gently in my hands
Almost caressing it
The poor thing was chirping
For one more chance at living

Still with its agony
Not knowing
What I knew:
That there was no repair
Only despair
I took upon me
The burden of doing
What had to be done
While it was signing
For one more chance at living

I took it outside the road
In a nearby ditch
Next to a railroad
I lay it gently on a rock
A final podium
Ready for a sacrifice
Still it sang wanting to inspire pity
For its broken life
For one more chance at living

I took a bigger stone
My will was no longer my own
I took a breath
Ignored its cries
It looked me in the eye
Still begging for its life
For one more chance at living

I brought the stone down
With a dull clunk
Both rocks smashed
And the bird torn now was flat
Its eyes closed
Blood stains on dirt
The cries no more
I took it and covered it
With a few more stones
Hastily gathered
Expedient burial
No ceremony
No more living

Although I knew I did the right thing
My heart sank heavily from the deed
Killing is not easy
When the motive is mercy

© ® All rights reserved

by Ronberge (anno primo)

Comments (2)

like it! ! by the way wher do u get the ideas for the poem topics
If you read my poem Chiro Duck you will know that I felt pretty terrible about my killing of the bird, but yours would have been so much more gruesome. Thanks for a good poem H