Merdoc Of Sronoton

The love, the silence, the worries, the heartbreak, the work, the effort, the fight towards other people, the reason; why? Why would this be so tragic to the love I take? As others seem to not understand that there fault! is the reason why they’re falling. To see the point, but that’s not what I’m towards, I’m not concern why we fail, we just learn for preaches mistakes and move on. The joy of love is what I strive to accomplish as the task seem harder and harder to do. The love that’s unconditional can be the fiction I made to believe. But that may not matter, if you know what I mean. Thy strive for other might be a hope but as others put to order is like the conference of a self connive. Why believe in thy self’s hate. May the chances of the lyrics lie in truth of the past and may never come towards the path believers want to fate.
As life have problem after problem Realize who causes it.

by James Anderson

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