Mere Existence

We do not cure cancer,
or fight for world peace.
We are meeting notices,
goals and objectives, a bottom line to reach.

We do not help the needy,
feed or clothe the poor.
Chasing numbers and margins,
“Yes” men sheepishly begging to score.

We have 401k plans,
with benefits, stock and full dental.
Overtime and weekends, if you wish.
Causeless existence, I must be mental.

You know how you got here,
and that’s half the battle.
Day after day with a fake little smile
Chasing your tail, then herded like cattle.

Slowly, then suddenly we part.
Like quadrophenia.
We just can’t be one,
On this plateau of spiritual anemia.

So you got what you asked for
And I have food on my plate
While three others starve,
Living this corporate mistake!

Jack Dylan

by Jack Dylan

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You are so right - I can relate! Recognizing is half the battle, accepting it the other.