Mere Words

Today you called to say hello,
To say you love me - now I know
Just why your words enthrall me so..........
I love you.

Your conversation melts my heart,
Though we are many miles apart
Such hopes and dreams your words impart........
You love me.

Perhaps one day our paths will meet,
We'll taste that love and feel the heat,
Your kiss will make my world complete.........
Embrace me.

Now speak to me of love and dreams,
Of lazy days by whispering streams,
Let me know how much it means............
To love me.

Until that day when love is real
Mere words convey what hearts would feel,
Let destiny in time reveal.........
Our future.

by Linda Ori

Comments (6)

You and I seem to be on the same page about love, you with this poem about the possibilities of love and me with my newest poem, about the CONFUSION of a new love....great minds think alike? Anyhow, I loved this one!
You are a hopless romantic I see...... good for you.
Fluid language abounds in this, from the off to the finishing line - effortlessly flowing at that. It has to be the most distinctive characteristic of your writing Linda. Yet another very fine poem from your romantic but realistic soul! jim xx
Linda, Another GEORGOUS poem. The Rhythm and the Rhyme made this such an easy read. The content was such a comforting reminder of love. Ooooh I just love this poem. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
You may have heard of Windermere, Buttermere and Grassmere? A Mere is a rather enchanting and beautiful phenomenon in the Lake District, and so your mere words are aptly described…. Danny
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