AD (11th january 1992 / birmingham england)

Merely A Distraction

Just a little background info before you read. This poem is about myself realising i was not in love with a boy but infact i was gay, and that love was not real, just a distraction.

There is nothing left anymore,
the love i felt has been shown the door,
but i am not hurt, my heart not torn,
i feel relieved, from within my core.

It was merely a distraction,
from my true, real attraction,
there is no more retraction,
but i need a plan of action.

I am still the same person,
now with no confusion,
i wish for no exclusion,
for it is a foregone conclusion.

that I am definatly gay,
and thats okay,
nothing left to say,
so i wish you good day.

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i really like this poem, it is great. will you read me 'Different' and my 'Being...' plz