Merging With The Cosmos

You are the part of the earth,
Off the earth and unto the earth,
Burning with food made of earth
And sending waste to form earth.

Interdependence prevails
Among living organisms
And nonliving things as well.
This is more a reality.

You exist because you responds
To all things that surround you.
You exist because you connect
With the cosmos on the earth.

Intuition is the knowledge
Obtained through this connection.
Most of birds and animals
Can predict things to happen.

The universe is a great dance
Of energy, with which are
The subatomic parts of you
In dialogue which you must feel.

The more you feel the more you rise
With the cosmos, which is bliss.
Impediments are the greed,
Jealousy and rivalry.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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