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Her hair is quite gray she looks withered and old
But the story of her life it ought to be told
And she is one who was not born to win
But the one to cast the stone should be one free of sin.

Merilda she was a street kid at thirteen
And some hard times in her life she surely has seen
She never gave birth to a child nor was anyone's wife
And she has known far more downs than ups in her life.

She earned her living as a prostitute
But in her old age she is quite destitute
She struggles to buy food and bills for to pay
And life for her very much from day to day.

One might say she never did have a fair go
And hardship and sadness in her life she does know
Some terrible personal stories she has to recall
And if you do not judge her fairly why judge her at all.

One not born by good example to lead
But a story on her life would make a great read
She lives on her own she does not need a man
And all on her own she'll live out her life span.

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