Adorned in navy blue signs of the zodiac abound
Hidden away in your tower is where you could be found
Hair of gray shoulder length with two braids
A belt of gold around your waist tied in knots both ends frayed

A great beard of white flowed freely from your face
Strands of silver sparkling like stars in his beard did grace
Eyes of blue shimmer like two jewels in a crown
Head buried in a book, beakers and flask all around

A great staff made of wood its carving intricately detailed
Held at the top by a dragons claw a great crystal impaled
A worn leather pouch attached securely to your side
Amulets and potions inside it did hide

Candle lights dance as he whisks about the room
A book from here another from there more knowledge he’ll consume
His strength is in his knowledge his power in the words he speaks
He’ll amaze and dazzle with all his crafty techniques

When called upon he’ll use his strength and summon the might beast
With staff in hand he’ll call his name the one all thought deceased
Called down from the heavens flying free again at last
He’ll bring with him the power and strengths of dragons past

Merlin and his dragon are quite the formidable pair
One who walks the land, the other rules the air

by Poison 9901

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