Merlin's Engines_Lancaster Bomber_Operation Manna.

She coughed spluttered thundered
Shuddered and roared
And suddenly as if by magic
All cylinders fired in ordered opposed banks therefore.

In turn coughed and fired engines
Four, three, two.
One is purring unheard
Our big hurrah! To hear this many engines roar!

Today however; her mission is not one of
Damb busting - Rhineland long range bomber
No! Rather, we'd fly 'Bad Penny' over
To our Dutch and Dutsche cousins

A humanitarian mission.
This mission, 'Operation Manna'
All because,
Our Dutch and Dutsche cousins are starving. 

Rodger remembered how only this morning
She had wished him a successful mission.
As he opens the pay load cargo doors,
Dropping off much needed humanitarian relief.

by Chris Lane

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