(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)


What is it that I do see
Swimming through the darkness now towards me
A beauty from under the blackened sea
That is the only thing it could be
Does it now come to set me free
Or simply add more to my longing and misery
Does it come to return my love
And set me now free so I can return to the light that looms above
She now is within the sight of my eye
And she seems so sad as if about to cry
She then swims close and caresses my cheek as she whisper softly into my ear
That no longer am I to suffer or remain here
And she, my beloved, releases my bonds and as she sweetly kisses me
I feel relief slowly wash over me
As I hold her, my dearest beloved, close and we set off into the now calm and mysterious sea

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Love can heal all wounds even ones of long ago. Beauitful.