Poem By Sanjukta Nag

Long arms of moonlight are stretching out
To the gigantic ocean,
For touching those soft curls
Of her mahogany coloured hair.
Eyes more azure
Than Pacific's quiet dream
Glowing too bright,
Embarrassing the fluorescence of water.
Resting hands on the fair breasts
She is floating on her back
Gazing at the blessed purple sky.
While silvery cream of starlets
Is nourishing every wet curve
Of her slender body, with
Gentle caress.
But the unfortunate humans are
Still unable to witness
The mystery of her beauty,
Which is carefully confined
Inside the secret chest of Mariana Trench.

Comments about Mermaid

Beautiful poem on a mermaid! You have painted the luscious beauty of a mermaid 'floating on her back, gazing at the purple sky'! Though you say humans cannot see her, I can see her before my eyes!
Mesmerised with this piece of writing. All adjectives are exhausted to write about this Masterpiece....... Lost in imagery, words and mystery..............AWESOME and FAB....Loved it, loved it and loved it.....100+++
Moonlight is stretching out to gigantic ocean to giggle in happiness and to spark the beauty of reflected sky. Really very interesting and wise imagery of nature is drawn in this poem shared. Secret chest of Mariana Trench carefully saves memories. Nice sharing....10

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