Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


Enlighten me? You may.
I'll gladly see you Tuesday
and a raincheck for today.
It's just that I on Tuesday
go swimming in the bay,
and look there for a mermaid
the one that got away.
It's said that all the mermaids
are just like tide and time,
they'll run off in the morning
but before I end this rhyme
I need to sound a warning
to all you mermaid fans
when smiling in the morning,
a mermaid never stands.
You ask how do they run then
it's easy if you know,
they like to tease and trick men
because they love them so.
They slip under your pillow,
and while you check the mail
they arch back like a willow
and hide behind their tail.
The most important feature
that mermaids hold so dear
is that these lovely creatures
are, when you need them, here.

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Comments (1)

Allan, are crows as loyal as mermaids? I have never had a crow but often thought I was in love with a mermaid. H