With an ongoing ride through time
A verse to your salute I did mime
In recognition of a presence well spent
On a fading world of life given on rent
Emerging victoriously through daily conquest
Achieving craving desire at immediate request
Placing a positive stamp in my delicate heart
Since the onset of our love you did start
Hard to believe the passing on fast a year
Seeming only a month cut out from a year
When my emotions for you was at its best
For right in my heart your figure did rest
Erasing swiftly every previous unworthy attention
Dedicating my love towards you, a wise decision
But the joys of the world your love did bring
Rendering its blessings in my life it did ring
So a salute of appreciation I make this day
In wishing you merriment in a most perfect way
For being so special up this very day you've been
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you who my heart has seen.

by Dowell Oba

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Very Nice.....Special Birthday Greeting.....10
AND - a big happy merry birthday
a nice greetings poetic writes and rhymes..well penned...a great one... Ency Bearis