Merry Christmas Dad-R.I.P

Time has flown by
Another Christmas without you makes me want to cry.
I know we wasn't close as we should of been
But still and all I wish I could see you again.
I look at your pictures from time to time
Your smile always did resemble mine.
They say you shouldn't play back the past
But the memories with you will always last.
I know you and I weren't very close
But you and I will always have a bond that means the most.
I'm glad your not suffering or in pain
It makes the strength in my heart continuously gain.
I'm the one who feels regret the most
Because it's not you at my wedding, giving me away with a special toast.
It's not you that my kids will know the most.
I should have cherished the times you were here
But I got so caught up in other things, I chose not to listen fully and clear.
Dad, I'm very depressed
Since you been gone my life has been a complete mess.
I get sick of trying to spill my heart out
But no one ever wants to listen, it makes me want to shout!
No one will ever understand of what I'm going through
Because I never did what my mom and sister told me to do.
There will be many more Holidays that have yet to come
I hope they get easier one by one.
I wish I could turn back time
And share all my thoughts with you I have in mind.
Dad I'm sorry for everything I didn't do
But please know that I never stopped loving you.

Merry Christmas Dad! I miss you!

Love always,

December 11th,2009.

by Emily Jenkins

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Wow! What powerful write. It's tough being you. A person with such feelings within would come out right. All the best. Keep writing. Thanks for sharing this one.